John is a Partner in the UK office, leading the integration and development of the services and markets offered by the LCP supply chain consulting team for BearingPoint. John was the Managing Director for LCP Consulting, and brought this specialist group into BearingPoint in March 2017.

John has been advising clients for over 30 years – covering corporate branding and communications, supply chain and logistics operations, purchasing, organisational re-structuring, corporate re-engineering enabled by new IT solutions, mergers and acquisitions, and even on the evolution of the UK public sector.

John has helped to define and implement change across leading retail and manufacturing organisations across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas working with well known brands such as Harrods, Tesco, M&S, John Lewis, Ralph Lauren, ExxonMobil, Shell, Molnlycke Health Care, Hartmann, Maersk and BOC/Linde.

At BearingPoint UK John is responsible for the Supply Chain practice and through it the growth of the Retail and Manufacturing sectors.

John’s focus areas are:

  • Customer driven operational and supply chain strategy
  • Operational and supply chain design and development
  • Delivering customer service
  • Profitability of channels, customers and products
  • Change Management

Having started life as a medical scientist, working on the brain, John moved into industry in the research, design and development of advanced digital imaging systems for robotics, medical, media and industrial applications.

Change management then beckoned in a specialist communication consultancy focused on the challenges associated with the introduction of IT systems into major organisations and the marketing of advanced technology as part of the Cambridge high-tech phenomenon.

Acquisition then led to the international systems/outsourcing group, Sema Group, and a leadership role in the development of their new IT, Operations and Change based consulting group, now ATOS Consulting.

The last 20 years, has been on the development of LCP Consulting – from a small UK focused logistics based team to a wide service based supply chain consultancy working with major clients across most sectors and in over 23 countries.

John also sits on the Management Consulting Association (MCA) Board and on the Cass Advisory Board for Marketing and Supply Chain.


  • Partner, BearingPoint

    2017 – Present
    United Kingdom
  • Managing Director, LCP Consulting

    1997 – 2017
    United Kingdom
    Supply Chain Consultancy
Contact Dr. John Lockton

Even after many years, it is truly fascinating and fulfilling when clients allow us in to work closely with them on their most difficult issues and we can truly help them unlock a new way of looking at their business. 

When they tell us that it’s not until they had a fully end-to-end view of their business did they truly see how to realise the real opportunities for change – we know we have succeeded!

Dr. John Lockton

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