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During our last webinar we focused on how effectively embracing change, particularly of late with the new requirements to work remotely, comes down to our frame of mind and how we keep ourselves agile, motivated and resilient. Rather like maintaining a fitness regime, consistency and sustainability are essential. As we navigate through these changing environments, new habits to support these new contexts will be key.

Have you ever wondered why some habits stick and others fall by the wayside? 

In the workplace, this difficulty in implementing new habits is the cause of great frustration for leaders and managers. That may be caused by either our own failure to stick to what we know is good practice, or our team members’ struggles to put new learning into practice. In the current ever changing demands of our new working environments this can prove even more challenging.

This webinar explores the key drivers of sustained habit formation and provides insights to support the development of new behaviours which will undoubtedly be required in order to optimise the performance of individuals and teams both now as we work remotely, and in the longer term as we navigate the ‘new normal’.

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