Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) - the missing link between traditional and agile IT

In the era of digitalization, companies are constantly changing. To successfully participate in global digitalization, business models need to evolve continuously and organizational and IT-specific aspects have to be adjusted to these models. Based on these key business requirements, BearingPoint has identified four drivers for digital transformation within an organization – Frequency, Volume, Technology and Reactivity – which reflect the IT operating model’s key new levers. As digital ecosystems foster digital business models and agile IT organizations, BearingPoint has shaped the term “Digital Ecosystem Management” as a new IT management discipline.

Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) is the key competence to successfully master a digital ecosystem transformation. A digital ecosystem’s operation requires a bimodal IT organization consisting of traditional IT (Mode 1) and agile IT (Mode 2). The main gaps between traditional and agile IT can be bridged with a consistent EAM approach. Bimodal IT organizations fulfill the requirements of digital business models in terms of flexibility, time to market and innovation. In this way EAM supports the traditional IT and agile IT to work in harmony and achieve the desired business outcomes. BearingPoint has identified five key measures to establish EAM in an enterprise for the digital transformation. Implementing these measures with a consistent approach enables EAM to become the central link between traditional IT and agile IT, and thus a key success factor in the implementation of the digital business strategy and IT transformation within the enterprise.

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