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Today, BearingPoint’s sustainability practice is one of our most successful and well-established teams. We’ve grown to over 200 dedicated consultants since our acquisition of environmental pioneers I Care in 2022, with 700 contributors in our wider sustainability community.

We help you transform your business to lead the way in climate, carbon footprint, the circular economy, sustainable value chains and social impact. We also bring state-of-the-art knowhow in compliance/CSRD, sustainable offerings and biodiversity. We offer a complete range of specialist expertise supporting clients in every industry, including private actors, the public sector and financial institutions.

Our sustainability consulting takes two forms. ‘Impact’ expertise brings world-leading technical knowhow, tightly focused around specific objectives. ‘Transformation’ expertise looks at your organization and its functions as a whole to ensure sustainability is anchored, embedded and operationalized. The combination of both brings you an unparalleled, holistic consulting offering. In addition, we draw on an ecosystem of specialist sustainability partners for the most up-to-date insights.

At a time when sustainability issues are moving ever further up the agenda, it’s easy to become focused on short-term compliance. BearingPoint help you look beyond - to a future when topics like biodiversity and social issues take precedence. At every step we ensure that environmental and social goals are closely linked to your business performance.

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  • METRO France defines a framework to pursue its growth in a committed and responsible manner

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  • Polestar positions its supply chain in China to demonstrate a sustainable industry

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The sustainability challenge: making it happen together

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Sustainability Report 2022

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