Inconvenient or not, it is a certainty that LIBOR's days are numbered...

Unfortunately, that is the only certainty at this stage as the industry attempts to transition away from LIBOR. The PRA, FCA and the Bank of England’s Financial Policy Committee have publicly announced that they are considering regulatory tools (such as increased risk weights on LIBOR contracts, increased CVA charges for counterparties with large LIBOR exposures, s166 reviews) to push the industry towards embracing SONIA and the other alternate risk free rates (RFRs).

While the path to a successful transition away from LIBOR is paved with uncertainty and unknowns, we at BearingPoint have developed proprietary tools and methods to help financial services clients navigate the LIBOR maze.

How we can help you

We adopt an “Agile” project management approach so that the implementation plan is flexible to triggers and other information that emerges.

We have a modular approach to IBOR advisory services meaning that we can support your organisation through the full IBOR transition or only for specific needs.

Our modular approach to IBOR transition advisory services gives you access to expert support that can help you navigate uncertainty and respond to market and regulatory developments with agility, from initial impact assessment through to full IBOR transition delivery.

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Please feel free to contact us to discuss reference projects and best practices gleaned via our engagements with a number of tier 1 and tier 2 financial institutions.

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