BearingPoint uses advanced analytical techniques beyond traditional business intelligence and performance management, to generate deeper insights and predictions using intelligent machine learning algorithms. To resolve our clients’ business questions and issues, multiple analyses are performed to dive into data and gain valuable business insights.

BearingPoint provides an innovative Data ‘n’ Analytics platform to perform business analytics projects and services for our clients. 

Advanced Analytics Use Cases

BearingPoint offers a comprehensive portfolio of analytical use cases and advanced technology to accelerate time-to-insights for our clients. This empowers our teams to unlock untapped potential of data and support clients in answering complex business questions and make data-driven decisions.

Our analytics portfolio comprises seven use case categories:

Advanced Analytics Use Cases

Predictive Maintenance: Deploy predictive models to monitor production facilities and equipment condition and determine when to perform maintenance services to ensure a smooth production flow and avoid productivity losses.

Finance Analytics: Perform simulations of financial scenarios and forecast trends to improve our clients’ financial performance and profitability. BearingPoint leverages advanced analytics to support your decision-making and strategy to sharpen tomorrow’s business goals.

Risk Management: Use advanced algorithms and technologies to predict risks, gain risk-related insights and develop risk mitigation plans. Building on our strong footprint and experience in risk and compliance, we analyze client data to identify potential risks regarding business processes, operations and regulatory and security issues.

Marketing Analytics: Powered by advanced analytics, we support our clients in discovering new opportunities, detecting patterns in customer behavior and making data-based decisions in marketing. We enable our clients to understand and predict customer behavior and needs, and thereupon execute customized and efficient marketing strategies.

Sales Performance: Understand client data to unlock commercially relevant insights in order to forecast future sales performance, improve sales strategies and sales outcome. Clients benefit from deep market awareness regarding trends and potential to find new markets and areas for future development and bring products and services to market quickly and efficiently.

Quality Management: Empower R&D and production to increase product quality sustainably and reduce time-to-correction. Using data generated across the entire supply chain - from R&D to social media -  our experts support in developing a quality assurance strategy and creating predictive models to forecast quality issues and spare parts demand.

Operational Analytics: Improve your business operations and company-specific processes to increase efficiency, reduce spending, and enhance business performance. We solve complex challenges in supply chain and logistics, claim processing, customer service, and any other client-specific process.


We provide analytical services to our clients using their internal and external data sources. Our experts offer analytical insights together with precise action plans and measures necessary to achieve business objectives. Our analytics service can either be provided once or on a regular basis as Analytics-as-a-Service (AaaS).

BearingPoint’s AaaS solution considers leading industry-standard analytic and visualization technologies. Data may be hosted on-premise or in the cloud, compliant with strict security and regulatory requirements, as well as data privacy policies (e.g. GDPR).