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Orient Cooperation (known as Orico) is one of the largest consumer credit companies in Japan and provides a wide variety of financial services including installment credit services, credit cards and direct cash loans services, and bank loan guarantee services.


Orico conducts the evaluation of financial applicants to prevent credit risk based on the evaluation criteria defined by the statistical analysis. To determine the evaluation criteria, they accumulated plenty of data, drafted many evaluation criteria proposals, and ran an impact simulation for each proposal to improve the accuracy of risk evaluation. However, with the bloated data in recent years both quantitatively and qualitatively, they have come to face a challenge, which is that the data analysis process has consumed more time than ever to detect the features of risky consumers. Under these circumstances, there was a need to shorten the time required for data analysis and simulation by employing a powerful analysis tool and increase the opportunity to examine the criteria in order to develop a more accurate risk evaluation system.


ABeam Consulting developed a new data analysis approach using HyperCube to identify the combination of characteristics related to credit risk such as fraudulent applications and late payments. Orico signed a contract with ABeam Consulting for the implementation and use of HyperCube and ABeam Consulting provided the user training, technical installation, and testing support for the project. The license resale was processed in an alliance between ABeam Consulting and BearingPoint.


HyperCube enables Orico to drastically shorten the operating time required for the data analysis and develop a more precise credit evaluation system. Also, the project is the very first case of the license resale of HyperCube in Asia and the news has attracted attention from the financial industry in Japan.