Frankfurt / London, December 05, 2012 – Since the earliest days of the City, trust has been paramount. So how does the trader’s motto “My word is my bond” translate in the Cloud Computing age?

Management and technology consultancy BearingPoint ( addresses the issue in this year’s series of BearingPoint Institute reports. “In Cloud we trust?” examines how trust matters in computing as much as it does in business.

The Cloud has been touted as the future of technology for years. As an IT Megatrend, Cloud Computing is already well established. Market share is solid and future prospects are promising. But the Cloud remains dogged by fears over data security, reliability and compliance. The temptation of near infinitely scalable resources at comparatively inexpensive cost held back by issues of risk and control. The result is stalemate, as enterprises remain uncertain whether they should commit to Cloud-based service delivery models.

BearingPoint’s research was commissioned to find a way forward. Their “Cloud Trust Pyramid” sets out what organisations should be looking for in their partnerships with Cloud service providers and how companies need to structure their own journey towards the Cloud. This paper also explores the geographical aspects of sourcing from cloud providers, with a map indicating the level of data protection from a European perspective.

Report co-author, BearingPoint Partner Stefan Pechardscheck says “In the robust, binary world of Cloud Computing, trust is a fragile and imprecise variable, yet one of overwhelming importance. Trust is the red line issue when it comes to moving processes into the Cloud. By looking at operating models, security, accessibility, compliance and data privacy around the world, we have created definitive practical guidance for companies assessing what Cloud Computing can do for them.”

From costing flexibility and agility gains to the impact of shifting IT workloads and transitioning of CapEX to OpEX, this BearingPoint Institute research offers practical advice and guidance applicable to companies around the globe - advising on how to build a cloud strategy, pointing out which processes and applications are most suited to the cloud, helping to evaluate the right cloud computing provider and then advising on how to migrate and transform the client IT infrastructure.

Trust, like the cloud, knows no borders and this work from the BearingPoint Institute is the map to a successful outcome.

For more information and to order a copy of the BearingPoint Institute Report please visit: In Cloud we trust?. Here you find also a video presenting the key findings of this article.

The report is also available as an iPad app:

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