My Role

I provide management consulting services, specialising in systems analysis and design, business process improvement, project management and change management.

I have worked with a range of clients in a number of industries such as media, oil, gas and various public sector departments. The variety of work in these roles has helped me to develop a broad range of skills and experience and that diversity also keeps things very interesting from a day to day perspective.

Normal day

During the early stages of a project, my focus is meeting and building a relationship with the client to form a functional project team. There is also a lot of emphasis on deciding the correct approach and strategy for the project.

As the project progresses, my normal day involves facilitating client workshops and meetings to capture and analyse client data and issues. This allows the project team to come up with innovative solutions and designs to address specific client requirements.

Nearing the end of the project I like to focus on self-development as well as client work. I spend time identifying formal training to complement my "on the job" experience once my role ends and before I start a new project.

Outside the office

My main interests outside of work are sport related. I play Gaelic football and hurling and my local Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) club requires me to train three times a week. When, inevitably, we are knocked out of all GAA competitions very early in the season it allows me to pursue my other passion which is travelling. I love going to festivals in and outside of Ireland such as the ‘Running of the Bulls’ in Pamplona, Il Palio horse race in Siena, the tomato throwing festival in Spain and, closer to home, the Jazz Festival in Cork City.

Why BearingPoint

BearingPoint is a great place to grow as a consultant in terms of formal qualifications through dedicated training programmes and client experience in a wide variety of roles. This ensures you become a valuable team member with experience and relevant qualifications across a number of solutions and industries.