My Role

I work as a Business Analyst within the Consulting team. I started in this role in 2019 and have been involved in a couple of very interesting projects for some big clients. Since the start of 2020, I have been mainly involved in two separate projects for one of our larger clients who are a public sector body.

My first client-facing project was a perfect one for me to learn the ropes of consulting. I was part of a small team engaged to conduct two strategic reviews- one for a customer-facing services offered by the client, and one for the physical network of ‘front-office’ channels through which the client delivers its different services. These were really interesting projects and involved a number of different consulting activities like looking at the current service and strategies in place, looking at potential future options that might be possible using technology, rationalising the cost-base of the different services, evaluating the options and finally publishing two strategic reports.  

Being part of this team allowed me to work closely with and learn from very talented and more senior members of the team. I was allowed (and at times pushed!) to work hands-on in exciting tasks that were really adding value to the client. Since completion, the client has started to implement recommendations that I was directly involved in. I’ve been part of a complete service redesign that included remapping entire processes and systems.

Normal day

Outside of these projects, my day to day role involves conducting analysis and research into the trends and players within different industries. One great initiative I was involved in was the Digital Leadership Study, where as part of a team we analysed the digital maturity of more than 50 of Ireland’s biggest companies across different industries.

It’s a really exciting time to be part of BearingPoint as the team in Dublin are involved in largescale projects across a variety of industries including healthcare, banking, and government to name a few. Contributing to proposals is an important part of my role and involves researching the factors at play in different industries so that BearingPoint stays ahead of the curve.  

The human side of my job is what I enjoy the most.  ‘Analyst’ sounds like a very data/statistics-based role, but it involves much more than that. Workshops with clients and stakeholders allow us to see what’s really happening within organisations and the dynamics that are at play.  This allows us to have better insights that are more valuable to clients.  It can really energise the client and develops a real relationship there.  You can accomplish a lot in a small amount of time with the right people and energy in the room.

Outside the office

There’s a nice atmosphere in BearingPoint. It’ s easy to make friends with people from other teams or that have different interests. There’s always a good attendance at pints on Thursdays, or Fridays…  

The Sports & Social group organise events to suit everyone. These are every couple of weeks and so far, I’ve been to quizzes, musicals, and clay-pigeon shooting to name a few!

I play a lot of hurling, so during the Summer (and hopefully Autumn) I’m usually running out of the office to get to training. There is a good culture of Work-Life Balance.

Why BearingPoint

I did a year as an intern in BearingPoint during my degree, Business Studies in DCU where I specialised in Management. It was a brilliant year! BearingPoint really allowed me to get hands-on experience and it’s the sort of environment where if you don’t know something, you can honestly just ask someone. I got to learn a lot, and as I know I have more to learn, I thought this would be the best place to do it.

The job is what you make it in BearingPoint. Management are not afraid to give you responsibility if you look for it, and at the same time there is always a helping hand.

The BearingPoint team are all really genuine people, and I had friends from my internship that I wanted to return to working with and I have made more since.