My Role

I started working on the Release and Environments team of a large Government project as an Analyst and was promoted to the role of Senior Analyst within the first six months. When I first started on this project, my main job was automating a lot of the common release processes through scripting, as well as setting up and managing our continuous integration environments. This allowed me to gain a lot of experience and training in Release and DevOps in particular. 

Four years on and I am now a Senior Consultant. I am leading a small team working with cutting edge containerisation technology to improve the Continuous Delivery process for the client. My main focus is on automation and optimisation of builds, releases, and deployments through the use of a wide variety of technologies. I also coordinate the monthly code releases between the various teams in the project. joined BearingPoint after completing a Computer Science Honours Degree from Dublin Institute of Technology. I started as a Technology Analyst and during my first year, had the opportunity to be involved in two very different projects. I was exposed to several new technologies which have helped me further apply and expand my knowledge and the skills I acquired during my degree.

Normal day

This position has given me a great deal of exposure to many different technologies and processes and I have learned a lot. I have gained experience leading a small team, handling deadlines and dealing with problems from a management perspective. I have also been working on-site with clients the entire time, which has allowed me to practice and develop my consulting skills.

Outside the office

When I’m not in work, I’m usually either playing sport or going out with friends. I would often have badminton matches on weekdays, but on the days that I’m free, working in town makes it very easy to meet up with people for a drink or a meal.

Why BearingPoint

I completed a BSc in Computer Applications in DCU in 2015. As part of the course, DCU holds an exhibition for final year students to showcase their final year projects to prospective employers. On the day of the exhibition, the first people to approach me were three consultants from BearingPoint. They showed great interest in my work and proceeded to tell me about IT consulting and working at BearingPoint. They told me about the support that was in place for graduate developers in BearingPoint, as well as the opportunities available to new employees. This greatly appealed to me and by the end of that day, the company had scheduled an appointment with me.

Once I started working in BearingPoint I knew I had made the right decision. The work is always interesting, you are given the tools needed to grow as a developer and as a consultant, and the people here are great, with lots of activities and events on regularly.

This position has given me a great deal of exposure to many different technologies and processes and I have learned a lot. Over the years there have been many opportunities and courses to improve both my soft and technical skills. I am a stronger developer as a result of these experiences.