We live in a time of change and innovation. A time when artificial intelligence (AI) and avatars are no longer just science fiction, but reality. A time when we need to find new ways to master the challenges and opportunities of our industry. We are full of enthusiasm and are working intensively on revolutionary solutions for “intelligent networks” and “resilient infrastructure”. But what does this mean for you?

Dive into the future

We invite you to discover our latest video and explore how we are developing innovative solutions for your industry through the merged power of AI and avatars. These solutions are not only more efficient, but also smarter and safer than ever before.

Why are we focusing on AI and avatars?

Quite simply, we are fully convinced that these technologies will significantly shape the future of your industry. AI enables us to optimize your networks and make you fit for the future. Avatars, on the other hand, open up completely new possibilities for personal and authentic communication.

The unique avatar effect

The most exciting thing of all: You can get to know the avatar yet! It looks like Marion Schulte, it sounds like her and even has her mimics and gestures. A digital twin that will bring you closer to the amazing world of AI and avatars. An experience, that you shouldn´t miss!

Ready for an exciting journey? Watch the video and get inspired.

The possibilities of AI in energy supply 

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