We are witnessing the start of a new industrial revolution, fuelled by data rather than coal. As successful data-driven companies use real-time analytics based on quality data to anticipate future risks, enable faster decisions and empower their people to respond quickly. Data is at their heart.  

So does your data underpin your organisation’s resilience or undermine it?

We believe effective data-centric transformation is not about size, but attitude. 

Success is based on implementing a coherent data strategy coupled with a widespread data culture via this five-pronged approach:

  1. Understand your data ecosystem: You need the right datapoints to take the right decisions
  2. Empower your people for change: Make sure your people interact positively in the data value chain
  3. Align data centricity with business outcomes: Steer your data journey so it’s agile and focused on business outcomes
  4. Use technology to improve agility: Select the architecture that will best support your business model
  5. Build proper and effective governance: Data-centricity needs to involve your entire organisation, not just leadership

Our research shows companies will only survive and thrive if they adopt a rounded, well-balanced and progressive approach across these five dimensions. All are vital. Only by delivering on all will your organisation become resilient to change.

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