In the second of three papers, we examine Mobility 2030: What happens to your mobility strategy when climate neutrality is non-negotiable – from cradle to grave? When all transportation modes will be recyclable and zero emitting, from manufacturing to propulsion.

We believe this will change the priorities for your sector due to changes in customer demand, regulation and mobility patterns. Customers, government and business are all impacted by the drive to sustainability and a carbon neutral future.

Climate-neutral mobility: What will be the implications for your sector?

  1. When green technology dominates production and sales, what will you do? We believe this will occur due to global regulations, increases in EV competition and the global demand for sustainable solutions.
  2. How will the circular economy reuse of materials on an industrial scale impact your business? “Trash’’ will become a new commodity driving all production, infrastructure, services and components to sustainability and carbon neutrality.
  3. How will you respond to more intelligent multi-transport modes? The growth of sustainable and smart AI-based mobility means more intelligent options balancing supply and demand in real time, leading to lower congestion and optimal use of capacity, especially within cities.
  4. When sustainability and well-being merge, how will your sector respond? The sustainability revolution, coupled with both hybrid working and healthy living, will lead to changing demand for mobility that includes health options.
  5. Are you prepared for the specific sector mobility drivers that will alter your business model?


  • Destination 2030: climate neutrality will be non-negotiable
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