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My Role

I provide management consulting services to a wide variety of clients, specialising in strategic planning, project management, programme management and operations management. For the past number of years, I have programme managed a number of major projects across a wide range of industries and countries. The industries have ranged from telecoms to financial services to retail and while I am currently based in Dublin, I have worked in the US and across Europe.

Normal day

A usual day on a large project entails meeting up with the client to provide an update on the programme’s progress and a review of any major issues or risks that might have arisen. One-on-one meetings are held with the various team leads to review the status of their respective work streams. An overall team meeting with all team members from BearingPoint and the client is held at least once a week to ensure everyone is up to date on the current status of the project. A large part of my day is spent walking the floors speaking to individual team members to see how they are progressing. Weekly meetings are held with the programme sponsor and bi-weekly meetings are held with the steering committee to review the programme.

Outside the office

I used to be an avid climber and have trekked a number of mountains ranging from Aconcagua to the Matterhorn. Given my entry into the ‘40s’ territory, this hobby was replaced with snowboarding. I have managed to board on over 30 mountains across the world. This hobby has now been replaced with spending time with my young family whom I hope to turn into champion snowboarders in the future!

Why BearingPoint

Providing highly valuable services and solutions to cutting edge clients is very rewarding and BearingPoint offers a great environment for consultants to gain experience across a wide variety of industries.