My Role

I joined BearingPoint in September 2019 as a Technology Analyst in the Data & Analytics team. Having completed an undergraduate degree in Business & Economics and a master’s degree in Computer Science, I felt this role/team would be a perfect fit.  

Since joining, I’ve been working on a fast-moving project with a number of Ireland’s largest pension funds. My role as part of this team has been to help develop and implement a data management application that will allow these funds to meet new ECB regulatory requirements. It’s been a steep learning curve, which I have thoroughly enjoyed.

Normal day

Although it may sound cliché, there hasn’t really been a normal day so far.  My work has been extremely varied, which seems to be a common theme across the company. This is one of the main reasons I was initially attracted to BearingPoint.  

The project I have been working on has involved a number of different stages. At each stage, the team has identified how we can improve the process of collecting and processing client data for this new regulation. What started as the client emailing us data in spreadsheets, has led us to develop an end-to-end web application which gives the client full access to load, manage and monitor their own data. This project progression has allowed my skills to develop in areas such as: SQL server; database management; Microsoft Azure; web design (HTML/JS/CSS); VBA; Microsoft Power Apps; and PowerShell.  

Developing this solution with the team, coupled with dealing directly with client queries, has given each day new and interesting challenges.

Outside the office

In my spare time I play a lot of golf. Thankfully, I live very close to my home course and there are a great bunch of socially competitive golfers to play against. If I’m not on the golf course, I am probably enjoying the café culture in Greystones.  

During the week there is a lot of social activity in the office. The Sports & Social society run brilliant events every month. Outside of these events, there’s always a few people looking for an after-work drink towards the end of the week.

Why BearingPoint

During college I wasn’t exactly sure what type of job or company I was looking for. I didn’t know if I would prefer a big or small firm and wasn’t sure if I wanted a highly specific job or a more general one. Having talked to a couple of people I knew in BearingPoint, it sounded like exactly what I wanted. The work is varied, everyone is incredibly friendly (hard to believe at times) and there is generally a great atmosphere among staff. Everyone is as comfortable talking to analysts as they are chatting to partners in both a work and social setting. That’s something I have never experienced before in previous roles.

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