My Role

I've been with the BearingPoint Dublin office for just over a year and I have recently been promoted from analyst to consultant. My road to BearingPoint wasn't exactly direct, although I'm not so sure there is a typical pathway to a career in consulting. In 2009 I completed a BSc in Property Economics (Valuation Surveying) in DIT. For the next 12 months I took the position of Vice-President in DIT Students' Union and following this I moved to Australia, where I worked as a Student Advisor for 2.5 years. I returned to Ireland in 2013 to complete an MSc in Management Consultancy in Smurfit Business School, and started in BearingPoint almost immediately after.

Since joining BearingPoint I have been working on one large project in the Health Sector. The project kick-off happened the same day as I started so I've been involved right from the beginning! As the project progresses my role has evolved, and I've gained some great experience in both project management and business analysis roles. What I really love about the work is that I was client facing in my second week here and I have been ever since.

In addition to project work I've had great opportunities to get involved internally. There is a range of ways to do this which includes researching and contributing to proposals, attending internal consulting skills training sessions, and helping to plan and co-ordinate monthly social events with the Sports & Social committee.

Normal day

The majority of my days start with either a client workshop or a project status report. Workshops are the most interesting for me as everyone in the room is engaged and there's always something new to learn about the business, the workshop process, and/or the clients' needs. Following these meetings I will usually return to the office to catch-up with the rest of the project team and complete some post workshop wrap-up work. My main role at the moment is business analyst for a software development project, so the rest of my day will fill up pretty quickly with ad-hoc queries and discussions with the development team on how the client needs the system to work.

Outside the office

I live close to town and do everything I can to make the most of it, so when I'm not in the office I'm generally out and about somewhere catching up with friends. I really love music festivals and running too, so if I'm not at work and I'm not in town I'm generally planning or recovering from one of those!
Why BearingPoint

When I was studying in Smurfit, three staff from BearingPoint came out to talk to the class. I'd never heard of BearingPoint before but I lodged an application straight after the talk. The first reason was that I really liked the three people who came to speak with us and all of them seemed genuinely enthusiastic, not just about meeting my class but also about working with each other and the work that they were doing day-to-day.

The second reason was a description of what it's like to work as a graduate analyst for BearingPoint, and that was something like this - It's a sink or swim type of environment but with support built-in along the way. If you need help you just ask and there's someone waiting to give you a hand. If you don't need help, nobody is going to micro-manage you. You find out how best to do the work and then you go for it. You're not wrapped in cotton wool and molly-coddled but you're not left searching in the dark either.

It's a great place to learn, and the culture is built around great people to work with. They are the things that made me want to join, and they're the same things that have kept me here since.

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