My Role

I joined BearingPoint after completing a Computer Science Honours Degree from Dublin Institute of Technology. I started as a Technology Analyst and during my first year, had the opportunity to be involved in two very different projects. I was exposed to several new technologies which have helped me further apply and expand my knowledge and the skills I acquired during my degree.

Currently, I am a junior Java developer on a comparatively small Agile Scrum team comprising of six members, of which there are three developers. Our team is involved in designing and implementing a solution for a client in the public sector. I contribute towards analysis, design and implementation of the solution. I am responsible for punctually producing code that meets the high standard of my team, assisting my colleagues in their development and the quality assurance of the final product.

Normal day

Being an Agile Scrum team, we employ a two week sprint routine. Once every two weeks the full team meets to discuss, plan and decide on the tasks for the next sprint iteration. The tasks decided upon are derived from the user stories that the client requests as the objective business requirements of the project. As a team we analyse and investigate the requirements and mutually agree on the estimated effort required.

My day-to-day work then involves a morning 'stand-up' where each member of the team gives an update on their task progress and their project relevant plans for the day. We also identify any issues that are blocking success. The rest of the day then involves the investigation, design, implementation, testing and eventual completion of open assigned tasks.

I have been fortunate to work with colleagues that have offered an inspirational wealth of experience and expertise. This has helped propel me into being able to responsibly take on more complex and rewarding tasks. Though having this general day-to-day formula, it cannot be said that every day is the same. Each day brings with it a new challenge and learning experience, be it from a development or business perspective.

Outside the office

BearingPoint encourage and contribute towards the 'life' side of work-life by contributing generously to to the Sports and Social Club which provides a well organised and diverse variety of monthly activities through the club. Some personal highlights from previous Sports and Social events have included go-karting, the Dublin Oktoberfest, a theatre and a night at the dog races.

In my own time I mostly enjoy distance running, listening to hard rock or metal music and attending concerts when I have the chance. I have a thriving interest for tasting, discovering and brewing craft beers.

Why BearingPoint

BearingPoint has been an amazing opportunity for me, as a graduate of a Computer Science degree. I have received many practical and hands on opportunities to apply my skills and have had them greatly improved through exposure to new technologies and methodologies. BearingPoint is a generous and rewarding company to be a part of, with a very friendly and positive office atmosphere. Being in a consultancy firm, there is always the opportunity to be involved in various and ever-changing projects, using different tools and technologies, and woking with a variety of different people.

BearingPoint invests a lot into their staff regarding career and personal development. They are a company that recognise each employee as a named individual and will offer any assistance in helping employees define their career goals and objectives.

After only a few months within the company, I had the invaluable opportunity to take part in an all expenses paid, firm-wide, week-long intensive consulting skills course

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