• 23-06-2020 – 31-08-2020 23-06-2020 – 31-08-2020 Your current timezone
  • Webinar

HR transformation is on the agenda for many organisations within your industry. In this webinar, BearingPoint and TalenTeam will take you through a demonstration of how we are leveraging SAP SuccessFactors to enable HR functions to transform and innovate, by introducing concepts such as integrated employee experience, streamlining recruitment and onboarding processes, offering flexible working arrangements and providing a sophisticated learning experience.

Webinar Overview

  • Hear from GSK, who are transforming their HR strategies to meet the needs of digital transformation, and how they have benefited from SAP SuccessFactors Learning solution
  • See how you can ensure regulatory compliance training and manage the risk of non-compliance
  • Redefine the candidate experience and onboarding to meet highly competitive talent pools and win top people
  • Understand the importance of upskilling your workforce and creating a learning environment
  • Rethink your HR processes in order to transition to new ways of working

This webinar is provided by BearingPoint and TalenTeam, with the support of SAP. No personal data will be shared with any other 3rd party.

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