Since our founding in 2009, BearingPoint has been determined to create value not only for our clients and ourselves, but for generations to come. This mind-set has shaped our behavior, not only in economic terms, but also toward the environment and society. “We care” embraces the three main areas of our responsibility: people, planet, and society.

We fill these three areas with ambition and life.


Consulting is a people business: our people, the people of clients and people in society. For all of them, we want to be employer and partner of choice. We can only be that when there is a working environment where everybody feels safe, welcome and respected; a place where personal growth is leveraged.

  • Basis beliefs

    Our values and principles are exemplified by all stakeholders of BearingPoint: across all functions, businesses and regions. They form the basis of how we work together. With the many changes that companies face nowadays, these basis beliefs give us a solid foundation.

  • Compliance

    Our values are further elaborated in our Code of Business Ethics and in our related Supplier Code of Business Ethics. These codes express our standards of doing business in terms of ethical, moral, and legal commitments. Also, our Firm has recently become a convinced signatory of the UN Global Compact.  Our Compliance team ensures consistent and systematic compliance with these standards and requirements both internally and externally.

  • Diversity and Inclusion

    Creating a participative, people-centric work environment – our diversity and inclusion endeavors have a clear connection to this ambition. BearingPoint must be a safe place where fair opportunities and personal growth and development are a given.This is because we believe that “Diversity makes us better!”. With diverse activities ranging from awareness campaigns and flexible work solutions, as well as so-called Affinity Networks (currently: Women, LGBTQ+, and Ability) we have measures and a platform in place that contribute to a positive and trusting work environment for everybody.

  • Team development

    Our people – motivated and innovative experts – are the backbone of our organization. That is why we are continuously working on designing individual development paths within our firm; internally, we practice participation and co-creation to innovate processes for our consultants.


We do not run production plants; our services are not packaged in plastic and shipped to end-consumers. However, we are fully aware that the consulting business is not “green” per se. Learn more on how we deal with externalities – and how we enable our clients to do business more sustainably.

Browse our interactive Sustainability Report 2021

  • Improving our Ecological Footprint

    At BearingPoint, we continuously seek to become greener, starting with the handling of our CO2 emissions related to business trips. We create incentives to avoid and reduce business travel and promote eco-friendly modes of transportation. And we have been offsetting CO2 emissions caused by business trips for our German practice since 2016. To do so, we use our Emissions Calculator and cooperate with FORLIANCE. FORLIANCE ensures that our CO2 certificates are invested in a certified forest protection project in Brazil. It is our ambition to expand the offsetting of travel-induced CO2 emission for all our practices.

    We also have eco-friendly purchasing in our firm and take action to reduce energy consumption and waste in our offices. We inform and set incentives for our people to engage in more eco-friendly behavior, ranging from plastic reduction to the implementation of Ecosia as a sustainable search engine.

  • Sustainability solutions

    Our consultants have a further impact on the Planet pillar: while all our consulting services strive for economic sustainability, we continue developing offerings to address ecological sustainability too. Our clients across industries face a need for sustainability innovation, and we deliver thought leadership, expertise and solution on topics such as sustainable finance, sustainable supply chain (with the Emission Calculator as the pioneer solution to calculate a company’s emissions) and green IT. Also, we provide experience in dealing with change induced by sustainability within organizations.

 Society: The BearingPoint Foundation

At BearingPoint, we are not only committed to supporting our clients and people, but we also want to give back to the communities we live and work in. We want our impact to be positive and lasting. The BearingPoint Foundation is the virtual entity we founded to provide a clear framework of how we want to engage with society as a firm. We commit ourselves to invest 1% of the firm’s annual profits for society in the form of time, licenses, and financial donations. Learn more about our aims here.

  • We reach out to people

    We reach out to local nonprofit organizations, which we support with hands-on, short-term and small-scale activities like blood donations, fundraising campaigns for the benefit of a designated charity, clothing donations, and social days with partnering organizations. Our people create direct links to the communities we do business in and contribute to where their heart and interests are.

  • We enable help(ers)

    We donate tools, skills, licenses, and time to professional helpers: social-purpose organizations such as nonprofits, social start-ups and social enterprises. Our Digital Pro Bono Toolbox addresses current strategic, managerial, and operational challenges these organizations face – and many of them are related to digitalization. We enable these professional helpers to do their work more effectively, more resource-friendly and more strategically, both today and in the future.

How to get involved

BearingPoint is interested in working with nonprofits for pro bono projects. Discover more about our Digital Pro Bono Toolbox.

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