Electromobility has gained importance in recent years and is calling for cultural and structural change. The increasing number of new registrations of electric vehicles is both a positive contribution to the environment and a challenge for the ecosystem of e-mobility. With our two solutions, eFleet Navigator and Battery Navigator, we offer our customers innovative approaches to advance electromobility.

eFleet Navigator - a solution module for fleet managers and e-mobility providers

Electromobility has arrived at corporate vehicle fleets, but most fleet managers and fleet operators face new challenges in the transition to e-mobility. To manage and issue e-fleet vehicles, the e-mobilist needs access to diverse charging solutions via heterogeneous access media, technical services for charging infrastructure, solutions for individual billing, and e-mobility app solutions. Within the scope of a survey among fleet managers, we have identified the range of requirements and offer consulting services in the following areas:

Selection of a cooperation partner

Only five percent of the fleet managers surveyed trust car manufacturers to provide holistic e-mobility solutions for fleet managers. Almost one in three trusts the established providers of e-mobility solutions and one in four the energy suppliers. It is, therefore, essential to find the right partner for your concept.

Investment, management, and operating costs

Investment and operating costs are usually the biggest hurdles for the conversion to electromobility. As technology is continuously developing, companies want to be sure that they are investing in a reliable and future-proof solution. Automated billing processes are just as crucial as straightforward and dependable functions to achieve high user acceptance in addition to an attractive price.

Choice of charging location for the e-fleet

The preferred charging location is the company site. An important reason is better cost planning, which contrasts with users' desire to charge on the move (in the home country and abroad) and at home. All intransparent roaming charges and heterogeneous billing and installation costs (wall boxes) must be integrated into an overall solution concept. First of all, users want to get from A to B as comfortably as possible. Only then can planning be guaranteed, which is especially essential for companies.

Load and energy management

With the increasing number of electric vehicles, charging at the company site requires implementing a controllable load and energy management system. With this system's help, the connected load can be dynamically controlled, and capacities for coping with peak loads can be significantly reduced.

eFleet Navigator: added value and consulting approach at a glance


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