Amsterdam, 8 June 2012. Management and technology consultants BearingPoint ( and KPI Library, IT performance management experts ( announced a partner agreement this week to form a global alliance. BearingPoint and KPI Library work together to implement solid KPI (Key Performance Indicator) frameworks including state of the art dashboards. Visualizing your business’ performance on tablets and smartphones living up to the manager’s expectations.

Business intelligence has failed in the last 20 years because of time inefficiency and data errors. Klaasjan Doeswijk, senior manager BearingPoint “It is unacceptable for any business executive that it takes days before a data analyst can deliver key information about the business. Also it is unacceptable that the most commonly used tool is a spreadsheet, at risk of human errors, filled with manipulated data”.

“Nowadays business executives need to be able to access key business metrics in real time. Updated every day, without human interference. Visualized according to best practices and accessible at any time with any internet connected device: smart-phone, tablet, laptop or desktop”, says Martin Hermsen, partner BearingPoint.

KPI Library delivers the following solution: a cloud-based platform that allows businesses to create online dashboard, scorecard and mobile reporting solution to report on key business metrics or key performance indicators. It delivers the tools that help business executives to make the right decisions based on real-time facts and trends.

“Our idea was simple and effective: create a community of people that subscribe to KPI Library as a knowledge sharing community. Our KPI dashboard solutions are a SaaS offering that creates powerful dashboard and scorecards on ANY device", says Karel van der Poel, CEO and founder of KPI Library.

With their partner agreement BearingPoint and KPI Library plan to form a unique alliance on a global scale to enhance their respective KPI and Dashboard products and services.

Background research

Last year BearingPoint surveyed the Finance Management and General Management receiving dashboards. (Dashboards: Expectations, practices and results)The research showed that current dashboards do not live up to the manager’s expectations. A couple of the main criticisms were: too many dashboards (47% of respondents), a lack of clarity and correlation between the business strategy and objectives and their translation into measurable indicators (39%), irrelevant indicators (44%), available too late (33%).

About KPI Library

KPI Library enables businesses to translate strategy in key performance indicators or business metrics and measure performance. KPI Library allows business executives to analyze their performance, compare against targets, set alerts and create new KPIs with formula’s to create even more insight in business performance. The difference between KPI Library and traditional “BI Reporting” is that KPI Library is focused on the business executive, not on the IT professional. Every implementation starts with the question: “What information do you need to run your business” instead of: “how many gigabytes of data do you have or what application do you want to report from.”

KPI Library can take data feeds from everywhere, from SaaS applications, onPremise business and IT applications and from corporate data warehouses in a secure and timely fashion. It allows you to consolidate data stored on various places and enables you to manage your business in real-time.

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