BearingPoint’s leadership in digital business innovation was recognized at this year’s event for Digital Excellence along with two Catalyst awards and the honoring of Andreas Polz as a Distinguished Fellow of TM Forum

Amsterdam / Nice, May 24, 2017 – Announced to a packed audience at TM Forum Live! 2017, BearingPoint and its associated partners, Agile Fractal Grid Inc. and BT were named “Smart City Innovator of the Year” for their “Agile Fractal Grid Smart Cities” program. BearingPoint also won two Innovation Catalyst Awards, and Andreas Polz, Senior Manager at BearingPoint and CTO for Infonova R6, was honored as a TM Forum Distinguished Fellow.

Angus Ward, Partner at BearingPoint, said: “We are delighted that BearingPoint won four prestigious awards at TM Forum this year. This is a record! The awards reflect our focus on enabling our clients to navigate the open digital economy.”

The TM Forum Digital Excellence Awards recognize World leaders in successfully driving innovative breakthroughs with tangible impacts on business, industry and society.

The Agile Fractal Grid is a shared infrastructure program for migrating electric power distribution to decentralized control to improve reliability, resiliency, and security of electric power. Through partnering with rural electric cooperatives, the program aims to cover a large part of the US for decentralized power and enable communications services solving rural connectivity challenges. The Agile Fractal Grid’s “platform of platforms” enables a multitude of services and new business models for both consumers and businesses within a multi-sided ecosystem.

The Catalyst Awards

During the event, seven winning projects were selected from a record-breaking 32 Catalysts showcased, with BearingPoint participating in three and winning two awards. Catalysts are proof-of-concept projects developed collaboratively by TM Forum members. These projects bring together large and small companies to create innovative solutions to common challenges by leveraging key TM Forum best practices, tools and standards. Many innovative and thought-provoking proof-of-concept projects turned commercial solutions have been created by the Catalyst program.

Championed by Orange and NTT, and participants ESRI, BearingPoint, Amdocs and Symantec., the Catalyst “Connected Citizens: a Green, Clean, Smart City” won “Outstanding Contribution to TM Forum Assets.” The Connected Citizens platform delivers the digital capability for multi-tenant, IoT enabled, secured smart services in today’s dynamic cities. Third party players can develop digital services on top of standard APIs (Application Programming Interface) to deliver cleaner, safer, more adaptive and efficient environments for inhabitants and visitors alike.

Championed by Milton Keynes, Dublin City, Agile Fractal Grid and participants Cloudsoft, BearingPoint, BT and EXFO, the Catalyst “Smart City on the Edge” won “Outstanding Performance in the Catalyst Program.” This Catalyst applies Edge and Fog Computing principles on Smart City Data Hubs to improve efficiency of City operations by situational, decentralized decision-making and pushing intelligence from central data hub to local loop of programmable edge devices (e.g., IoT gateways and sensors).

Andreas Polz awarded as a Distinguished Fellow

Another highlight of the event saw BearingPoint’s Andreas Polz honored as a TM Forum Distinguished Fellow, joining the elite ranks of only 31 individuals who have helped shape the direction of TM Forum’s collaborative work to accelerate transformation in the communications industry over the past 28 years. TM Forum’s Distinguished Fellow Award recognizes individuals who have made a valuable contribution to TM Forum and the communications industry. Andreas is a Senior Manager at BearingPoint and CTO for Infonova R6, a global leader in digital ecosystem management and Business Support Systems (BSS). He joined BearingPoint in 2000 to support multiple telecom projects on three continents for many clients. He initiated the effort to create the Infonova R6 product from experiences gained in these projects and taking it to cross-industry opportunities. Andreas is specialized in value fabric based digital ecosystem platforms. Working with Standards Development Organizations (SDOs), committed to innovation in technology and business models alike, he is also co-Lead of the TM Forum Open API program. Before joining BearingPoint, Andreas spent a decade in academic research and with Siemens.

About BearingPoint

BearingPoint is an independent management and technology consultancy with European roots and a global reach. The company operates in three units: Consulting, Solutions and Ventures. Consulting covers the advisory business; Solutions provides the tools for successful digital transformation, regulatory technology and advanced analytics; Ventures drives the financing and development of start-ups. BearingPoint’s clients include many of the world’s leading companies and organizations. The firm has a global consulting network with more than 10,000 people and supports clients in over 75 countries, engaging with them to achieve measurable and sustainable success.

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