After my Bachelor ‘Technische Bestuurskunde’ at the TU Delft, I started my Master Engineering and Policy Analysis at the same university. Back then, I knew I wanted to do some kind of advisory work but was not sure where or what exactly.

Luckily, I had the opportunity to do an internship within my master’s curriculum and so, I did a working internship at a big engineering company. During my graduation, I had another opportunity to do an internship at a big consultancy firm. Both were really nice experiences to discover my preferences, but I found out I wanted something else. The projects at the engineering companies were to long (1+ year) and those at the consultancy firm were not diverse enough. That’s why I decided to reach out to BearingPoint.

I started as a Management Analyst in September 2021. Quickly I found out BearingPoint was the type and size of a company I was looking for. A relatively small consultancy firm with a broad selection of projects and the possibility to get a lot of responsibilities as a starter. Also, here you have the opportunity to organize many activities and discover your personal interests within a young team.

Since I’ve started at BearingPoint, I collaborated on a strategic project at an energy distribution company. Here we helped to collect, summarize and communicate about the quality of different assets in the electricity and gas grid. Moreover, we collected available measures to increase the quality of the assets and constructed a first roadmap. For me, it was a quick deep dive into all the different assets of the energy grids and its quality. Also, I learned quickly how to communicate effectively with different stakeholders in a strategic environment. Next up, I will start a project at the other end of the company and will help to improve the supply chain of the company. A good example of how diverse the projects can be at BearingPoint, from very strategic to very operational!

Do you have any questions about working at Bearingpoint and the projects we do? Or are you just interested in a cup of coffee in our Amsterdam office? Feel free to contact me and send an email to