After two years of consultancy experience at a boutique firm, I joined the People & Strategy team of BearingPoint in April 2019. With a focus on business strategy and organizational development (BSOD), our team helps clients reach the potential and performance that they are looking for. 

For me the unique aspect of BearingPoint is that, as a consultant, you are able to create your own profile and you dictate your own path. BearingPoint is an organization where your analytical side gets challenged and where technology plays an important role in giving advice on operational as well as strategic level. Within our organization it is widely encouraged to join multiple teams and discover their propositions and abilities, in which knowledge sharing and helping each other understand how we can add value to our clients sits at the core. Even though my background lies within the area of operations, over the years I have gained insights in the field of business strategy and organizational development. I am committed to make organizations effective: designing organizations that are fit for their purpose, with the right use of technology and data.

Working together with my team to not only perform at our clients, but also internally creating new BearingPoint assets in which we can support our (international) colleagues provides me with loads of energy. If I look back at the recent years, my own growth and the growth of our team makes me a very happy man.

As part of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) team, I am determined to contribute and give back to our community by supporting the younger generation. With multiple initiatives, our BearingPoint colleagues are mentors of high school student and we provide trainings to schools in Amsterdam. With initiatives like these, we are able to utilize our knowledge and help out others.

Do you have any questions about working at BearingPoint? Or would you like to come see our office in Amsterdam, enjoy a good conversation and a cup of coffee with me or one of my colleagues? Feel free to contact me and send an email towards the following address:

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Meet our Amsterdam Team

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