The car industry's growth in the future will stem not from selling more cars, but from offering new services that cater to the customers' requirements. In essence, the industry is transitioning from prioritizing the vehicle to prioritizing the consumer's demands. 

Our customers include many of the world's leading automotive companies - OEMs, suppliers, dealer chains as well as mobility service providers. Learn here what we did for them to become customer focused. 

Luuk Vermaas

Increasing competition in the automotive and mobility industry means companies must prioritize customer needs to stay ahead. Being sustainable is not differentiating anymore, customer experience is the driving force for success.

Luuk Vermaas

As the automotive and mobility industry continues to evolve, companies are facing more competition than ever before. In this environment, it is crucial for companies to prioritize customer satisfaction by placing the customer at the center of their operations. This isn't a one-time goal, it's an ongoing process of adapting your products and services to match the changing needs and desires of your audience. 

In the end, the companies that come out on top will be the ones that can provide the best customer experience. To achieve this, companies need to capture data that helps understand customer’s behaviours and needs. Using that data to personalize experiences and services that will drive customer satisfaction.

As BearingPoint, we have leveraged the power of the Salesforce platform to help our clients revolutionize their customer relationship management. You can explore our customer success stories, informative articles, and ongoing research aimed at gaining insights into the rapidly evolving auto and mobility industry on this page. Or feel free to reach out directly for any specific questions.

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