Officially, BearingPoint is listed as a management consultancy. It’s true, we help in strategies, in change management, in transformations. We also have a strong international presence in specific software technologies such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and business intelligence (BI). 

However, our expertise extends beyond mere consulting. We're architects of digital solutions, bridging the gap between vision and execution. Whether it's optimizing supply chains, enhancing customer experiences, or streamlining financial processes, data is a key driving factor in all these projects. Data allows us to deliver strategic execution, delivering more value to clients. In this article we’ll give you some examples of how this works. 

Making the right decisions 

Our Data & Analytics teams might be not as visible in these projects. Data looks boring and Excel feels like a necessary evil. You don’t want to even think about all the work that’s needed to manage the stuff that’s in there. But, we all look at dashboards and graphs on a daily basis. We use it to make our decisions, trusting the information shown in them. That’s what our humble Data & Analytics teams work tirelessly on: working hard on the raw and processed data, securing its quality, and ensuring it makes sense. 

Our work for clients in ERP, CRM and BI is rooted in our own internal work. As a consultancy firm, our employees work on a range of different projects. Some colleagues are assigned to multiple projects at once. We liaise with a lot of clients and partners. As a business, we want to know how we operate and how we can improve our operations. 

To gain insights in our operation, we combine data from our different sources, our ERP and CRM systems, into a business intelligence overview that outlines the projects we currently have running within our different markets. We compare them with our targets and adjust our corporate strategy based on the data that’s collated and displayed. 

It may not be the most complex activity that our D&A team members come across in their line of work, but it is a vital one. By visualizing operational data, you can immediately evaluate your progress and make decisions accordingly. 

The right colleague for the right project 

As a consultancy firm, it is our business is to allocate the right consultants to the right projects. Large firms with many employees allocate consultants to projects purely on the basis that a project requires a specific expertise. Other firms also deliver on a basis of requirements that a client has set prior to a project, with limited flexibility. 

At BearingPoint we not only look at matching specific expertise of consultants to a project, but also incorporate their excitement about the project, about the client, and about the work they are going to do. Almost all consultants join the client as a team member and could be considered your colleague – their work is to improve your business and help you, not to just deliver what is asked. I might sound cheesy, but our purpose “together, we are more than business” is just that. 

This has resulted in one of the key distinctions of BearingPoint: our flexibility in having many colleagues with a broad range of different expertise. Nevertheless, this brings a challenge in allocating colleagues to the right project, as we also must consider changing situations within a project while having the same colleague working for the client. We are solving this problem by combining data and performing data modeling with its roots in research. 

One of our newest colleagues, Bram Zentveld, joined us after he has executed his Master’s research to the optimal allocation of consultants to projects, taking into account the project’s needs, the consultant’s capabilities, the existing planning, the future planning, and the consultant’s satisfaction for being assigned specific executional capabilities. He has developed an algorithm based on the latest scientific research, added his own new scientific insights, and this model is now capable of optimizing allocation, planning, and satisfaction. 

While this is a recent research project, pilots for its implementation are currently underway. We believe that this will improve project delivery and allocation efficiency, but also happiness with colleagues. Initial results already show improvements in allocation and satisfaction. And that immediately feeds back to our clients: a happier and better fitting employee is also more effective, delivering higher value. 

Success delivered the right way 

As a member of the Data & Analytics team myself, I am committed to deliver data-driven solutions, whether they're aimed at enhancing our internal processes or benefiting our clients. While much of our work may happen behind the scenes, we’re all deeply invested in achieving successful outcomes. 

Whether we're optimizing operations, creating insightful dashboards, or employing advanced data modeling with research-based algorithms, we work towards a goal while enjoying our work. We look at data a bit differently: we also envision the longer-term benefits. After all, we love to bridge strategy and execution, we love to deliver success, all because we love data. 


Joost Kuckartz
Senior Consultant