The Insights Driven Organization puts data and analytics front and center in its business strategy and throughout all echelons, whereby every decision is based on insights derived from data and models.  At BearingPoint we believe that this big challenge should be tackled with small steps, starting with a pragmatic value driven approach in a specific department or team and expanding outwards towards that visionary enterprise you are dreaming of.

Being insights driven opens a whole new world of opportunities for organizations to thrive, by creating value through improvements on products/services based a deeper understanding of customer trends or attracting more customers by means of competitive differentiation.

But why now?
  • A more complex and faster changing world requires more informed decisions and with better insights these decisions can be taken confidently. 
  • Adapting your organization in such a way it can use insights to make better informed decisions is key for long-term success.
  • Leveraging data in a more pro-active way helps your organization to gain a competitive advantage; by becoming more effective or by reaching new opportunities before your competition does.

The proven BearingPoint methodology takes a holistic approach and is concentrated on business impact which results in fast value: we start small and scale later.

Focus on the development of capabilities

In our view the Insights Driven Organization is developed by building the right capabilities. This goes beyond technology alone. These capabilities can be established for all types of business functions.

Becoming insight driven requires an organization to have the right technology, data, processes, and organization in place. Although the hardest part lies in establishing a data driven culture, where taking decisions purely on gutfeel is simply not on the table. This requires a different mindset where people need to develop new competencies.

BearingPoint supports your organization in defining capabilities that are relevant for your organization and/or business functions. Insights driven business functions are improved by building specific capabilities as each organization needs different types of insights to become successful.

For example, the asset management business function might need to develop, amongst others, the following two insight driven capabilities:

  • Digital maintenance and workforce planning: Efficiently maintain assets with an efficiently planned workforce.
  • Remote and real-time steering of assets: Monitor assets real-time and remotely tot better steer assets.

Starting from a clear ambition for your organization BearingPoint cooperatively helps to develop the required capabilities.

How to start?

Setting the right ambitions in terms of capability development is important, not every organization needs to be the next Apple!

When assessing an organization often there is a focus on current maturity levels and business needs. However, we believe that determining the capability maturity ambition is more important. Together with your company’s strategy goals considering cost, benefits and uncertainties, this ambition gives further guidance, by means of capability prioritization, in the transformation towards an insights driven organization.  Capabilities with the highest impact and lowest effort are developed first, even if advanced analytics capabilities are required.

Curious what the next steps are?

Value Driven Approach: begin with the end in mind

Once the first step is taken and your organization has prioritized the capabilities essential to develop an insight driven business function it is time to start developing these capabilities. This big challenge should be tackled by consecutive small steps with the end in mind; starting with a pragmatic value driven approach in a specific department or team and expanding outwards towards the visionary insights driven organization you are dreaming of.

All steps in the value driven approach form an input for the next step, thereby making the key elements interlinked. As every capability has its unique characteristics and context, the outcome of each step will differ every time. However, the fact that you need to consider the sequential steps does not.

Curious why this process starts with the end in mind and what the typical pitfalls are if you deviate from this process? Stay tuned for our next article.

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