Client Business Challenges

BearingPoint’s Contribution

As part of its due diligence process, BIP asked us to review Mercateo’s organization and technology stack, with a focus on the scalability and digital capabilities of the platform. To ensure alignment with BIP’s investment thesis, we adjusted our diligence framework to fit BIP’s needs. Beyond data room analysis, we interviewed key staff, including the CTO and IT Director, to enrich our assessment and properly anchor our recommendations. We delivered a final report covering all relevant digital domains and answered BIP’s queries, providing crucial support for BIP’s investment decision.

Key success factors

Within three weeks, we delivered a comprehensive technology due diligence report on the largest B2B platform in Europe, which provided strategic support for BIP’s investment decision-making. Based on rigorous qualitative and quantitative evaluation, we confirmed Mercateo’s technological vision and capability. We established the company’s fit with BIP’s investment goals, and supplied recommendations that would have a direct impact on future profitability. To that end, BIP was able to make a competitive bid and successfully invest in Mercateo.

Client Business Outcomes

BearingPoint’s proactive and flexible approach in translating our goals for technical due diligence into a comprehensive scope and delivering findings within tight deadlines together with constructive proposals for remedies was critical in our assessment of investment in Mercateo.

Katrin Wehr-Seiter, Managing Director, Partner, BIP Capital Partners


BIP Fund (SCA), SICAR is a Luxembourg based investor focused on investments in mid-market businesses in Benelux, DACH and France.

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