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By leveraging IFS Cloud, Diverzify seamlessly merges its 16+ independent acquisitions of flooring firms, benefiting from a common platform for all end-to-end business processes, from customer-to-cash. With its IT infrastructure now organized around Salesforce and IFS Cloud, Diverzify can easily and quickly upgrade its IT capabilities, supporting the company’s rapid acquisition growth strategy and enabling it to increase its value to the market.

Partnering with BearingPoint empowered Diverzify to embark on a significant digital transformation. BearingPoints's unparalleled expertise and deep talent pool enabled us to rapidly expand our team and effectively address complex challenges head-on. Together, we developed a comprehensive platform that not only streamlined our operations but also significantly enhanced our efficiency and agility. This strategic collaboration has laid a robust foundation for our ambitious growth strategy, positioning us to seize new opportunities and drive sustained success.

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Ewan Gatherer, Chief Information Officer at Diverzify

Setting new standards of service excellence through the power of vision, collaboration, and strategic transformation

In the dynamic realm of commercial flooring, Diverzify stands as a beacon of innovation, with over 3,000 team members and a formidable presence across key markets in the United States. This expansive enterprise is not just a flooring company, it’s a visionary force on a mission to bring cohesion to the historically fragmented industry, all while setting unprecedented standards for quality and excellence.

Over a series of strategic initiatives, the acquisition of more than 16 independent flooring businesses has played a pivotal role towards Diverzify’s grand vision of revolutionizing the commercial flooring industry. This marked the inception of a comprehensive digital transformation journey, aimed at enhancing the company’s existing Salesforce platform and initiating a greenfield implementation of IFS Cloud. The objective was to seamlessly integrate the independent flooring brands into a singular national entity, fostering uniformity through common procedures and processes and enabling a company-wide Lead-to-Cash transformation.

Harmonizing end-to-end processes aligned to business strategy

BearingPoint together with its joint venture Arcwide, in collaboration with Diverzify, undertook a monumental task: to spearhead the consolidation of a rapidly expanding cluster of businesses onto a unified ERP platform and streamline end-to-end processes in alignment with Diverzify’s strategic objectives. Beginning with a comprehensive assessment of the existing IT systems and processes, the team delved into the intricacies of their Project Management, Procurement and Warehouse Management, Corporate Financials, Payroll and Commissions Management business processes, and all associated integrations.

Leveraging industry-leading practices and solutions, the BearingPoint and Arcwide team laid the foundation for the core IFS Cloud model through the design, build, testing, and migration in the first phase. Leading up to the three Go-Lives across 27 sites within that phase, the team orchestrated over 15 mock data migration cutovers, while simultaneously designing, developing, and deploying more than 200 custom system enhancements. These enhancements strengthened the core solution, ensuring the smooth adoption and end user experience of the new IFS Cloud platform. In parallel, BearingPoint and Arcwide met with new Brand Partner and Diverzify sites to understand each current state in order to align the technology and business processes across the individual businesses for further phases. They were then able to provide recommendations for a smooth upgrade to IFS Cloud from their legacy IFS Apps 10 system, and execute against that strategy, while continuing to provide new enhancements to the existing ERP environment to meet the needs of all business units.

This was more than just a technical endeavor, as BearingPoint and Arcwide, alongside Diverzify, traveled to 24 states and 63 sites, delivering not only training but also Hypercare support and strategic PMO services at all live Diverzify sites. This journey of collaboration and transformation helped to ensure that every aspect of Diverzify’s operation was finely tuned for success.

Enabling continuous improvement and innovation – from both a business and an IT perspective

Diverzify has successfully implemented IFS Cloud in 15 acquisitions over 20 months. The company now operates on a common platform with standardized processes, a foundation for all financial tasks from customer-to-cash. Over 3,000 individuals have seamlessly transitioned to this common platform, reaping the benefits of heightened operational efficiency, transparency, and data visibility.

The impact extends beyond the surface, as Diverzify can now leverage accurate and consistent insights to assess business performance and make informed, strategic decisions. By organizing their IT infrastructure around Salesforce and the IFS Cloud ERP, Diverzify has gained not only flexibility but a conduit for further modernization, data evaluation, integration of new data sources, and consolidated reporting. The shift from more than ten legacy tools down to two has streamlined operations and significantly reduced Diverzify’s overall maintenance costs, supporting their accelerated growth.

Chetan Rangaswamy, Partner at BearingPoint

We’re proud to have partnered with Diverzify on its transformative digital journey. By leveraging IFS Cloud as a common platform, Diverzify succeeded in consolidating its acquisitions and streamlining end-to-end processes. This collaborative effort not only enhanced operational efficiency but also laid the foundation for continuous improvement and innovation, empowering Diverzify to accelerate growth in the competitive commercial flooring industry.

Chetan Rangaswamy, Partner at BearingPoint



Diverzify, the largest US commercial flooring provider with 3,000+ employees and a network of 7,500+ installers, revolutionized the historically fragmented industry. With a network of brands, Diverzify unifies experts, services, and resources for every project. By combining traditional craftsmanship with advanced technologies and specialized training, Diverzify sets new standards for service and success.

  • Diverzify accelerates growth and innovation in the commercial flooring industry, backed by IFS Cloud technology
    Diverzify accelerates growth and innovation in the commercial flooring industry, backed by IFS Cloud technology 3.26 MB Download

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