The corona outbreak and measures to prevent it from spreading are one of the biggest threats to your organization and the people in your organization. And it all went very fast! Did you have a plan in place to continue working safely? And have you already thought about the time after corona? According to BearingPoint and Intergo this situation is not only a threat but also a unique opportunity.

After the initial shock, we as organizational consultants see this situation as a stress test. A stress test that provides insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your own organization. It exposes the bottlenecks in safety management, internal and external cooperation, the agility of processes and systems. It provides insight into the resilience of your organization and the way in which things are actually in place ánd in operation. And it makes even clearer where opportunities or the need to innovate lie.

Because of the sudden changes, the way you arranged safety might no longer be sufficient. The corona crisis came unexpectedly, but unexpected shouldn't mean unsafe. This type of crisis requires flexibility, speed and leadership. How do you ensure that safety and continuity are guaranteed in the event of rapid change?

And not only within your own organization. The corona measures make it clear that your organization is part of a larger system, a chain of customers, partners and suppliers. You cannot change your own organization independently, that must be done together with others in the system to be really effective and to guarantee safety and continuity. And that has to be done quickly!

About Intergo

Intergo is an independent consultancy on safety and human factors. With origin in The Netherlands, we work in several high-risk industries in our own country and abroad. We strive to optimal safety in the business of our clients, from management level to operational level. We support our clients in ensuring safe performance of people in the context of a learning organization.

David Bergsma
Senior Manager People & Strategy

Lucas van Luijtelaar
Manager People & Strategy

Melcher Zeilstra
Partner Intergo

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