What company today hasn’t launched its chatbot to communicate with its clients or optimized its internal processes thanks to RPA? Indeed, it’s hard to find ones that have not yet put in place an Artificial Intelligence solution in the hopes of improving their operational performances or benefit from formidable growth.

But does Artificial Intelligence really keeps its promise?

If enthusiasm for these technologies—once confidential —is now obvious, it’s above all thanks to the recent boom in data in terms of volume, diversity and accessibility. The extensive growth of online and social network giants (Google, Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter), the democratization of mobility, the proliferation of channels and the emergence of connected devices have all contributed to this phenomenon and participated in the construction of an ecosystem built around Artificial Intelligence. However, at the end of a first decade of experimentation, the number of AI initiatives launched by businesses has been met with only moderate success. This success is strongly linked to the organization’s ability to clearly define an AI application’s most relevant uses to create customer satisfaction and contribute to productivity, while respecting the constraints imposed by the General Data Protection Regulation.

Technological maturity, IT infrastructures and internal expertise are also critical to achieve a sustainable competitive edge with Artificial Intelligence. For the moment, these skills remain uneven and are often insufficient in light of our greater ambition.

BearingPoint aims to shed light on key success factors for AI by analyzing perspectives that AI could offer regarding customer experience and by examining in what way these new technologies allow us to meet our customer’s expectations.

Our experts in the field shared their knowledge of industry trends and best practices to use in the implementation of an AI solution, as well as their thoughts on the high stakes and the difficulties that businesses must face.


This official report enables you to discover the key lessons of this study, detailed in 4 parts:

The fields of application of AI and the technologies used;
Why AI represents an opportunity for companies to improve customer experience;
The 4 common preconceptions of companies;
Examples of specific cases.

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