The annual BearingPoint Digital Leadership Study is performed in 12 different countries and now added the Netherlands to its scope. 52 companies in 11 industries were compared to each other. The yearly digital maturity study shows the level of digital maturity of companies within their industry. Also, it shows important trends and differences between European countries. The digital maturity is measured across six dimensions: digital marketing, digital product experience, e-commerce, e-CRM, mobile, and social media.

Digital transformation is defining what your company must offer in the digital world and how to organize this offering. Even though most companies are aware that digital transformation is forcing them to evolve, many enterprises are not sufficiently prepared for the fact that their industry may be fundamentally challenged by new ways of doing business. Digitalization enables companies to build scale and sustainable business faster than ever before. New entrants can challenge established market players in the course of a few years. Digital laggards are those companies that are most at risk of losing their business to new entrants or even competitors that have started their digital transformation. Digital leaders are at risk of getting by-passed by new and faster other companies.

The Dutch maturity study shows that the Dutch companies scored just below from ‘sufficient’ to ‘satisfactory’; only the top 10 have a great equal to or above ‘satisfactory’. The companies at place 11 – 31 were graded with a score between ‘inadequate’ and ‘satisfactory’. The Dutch companies scored best within digital product experience and mobile dimensions. The greatest areas showing need for improvement were digital marketing and e-commerce.

Digital maturity is not only vital to leading the field nationally but is even more essential in staying ahead of international competitors. It is important for Dutch companies to understand their position and to learn from Best Practice international developments and adopt new standards. This study shows that Dutch companies need to work hard to stay ahead of international competitors and what the opportunities are to differentiate them from their competitor.

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