Software selection is an opportunity to increase (1) adoption of software and (2) alignment of Business & IT.

In the age of digital transformation, companies are frequently challenged to reinvent their capabilities. This often leads them to revisit their current IT/Digital landscape, resulting in the need for new software. Using the right and best software is important for any business. However, in the light of the digital shift, we need more emphasis on the transformation of people and the move towards cyberphysical systems. Therefore, it is becoming even more important to use software that fits your organization in order to reap the anticipated business benefits.

Software Selection which focuses on adoption

In software selection projects we still see a focus on selecting the most extensive software available. This approach neglects the fact that the most extensive is not always the best decision and misses the opportunity to increase the adoption of software, it supplier and to create alignment between Business & IT. BearingPoint Software Selection is a three-phased approach that helps you to kickstart the adoption of software.

The first phase is called preparation & mobilization and focusses on creating a common language by introducing “proofpoints” and mobilizing the organization and the vendors. The proofpoints contain the wishes from the organization. In order to get the right proofpoints, most of the effort is spend on helping the selection team members to understand and align on each other’s perspectives. These perspectives must be in line with the strategy. As soon as the proofpoints are formed the organization and the vendors must be mobilized on what is next to come. If the vendors understand the common language and the processes, it will be easier for them to be a true partner to your organization.

In the second phase, vendors are asked to prepare prototypes. The prototype workshops provide tangibility to the software. The same selection team members are asked to attend the same session in order to get the same view on the prototypes and vendors. Holding separate sessions for IT and business would negate the effect of having perspectives aligned. At the end of each iteration, evaluation sessions are used to recalibrate the scores.

The third phase is focused on delivering the final recommendation to the leadership team. To gain the last piece of insights, customer reference visits are conducted. These visits focus on understanding lessons learnt from other organizations. The evaluation of the vendors and the customer reference visits are combined in a final recommendation session. During this session we advise to have the preferred vendor present to also show the prototype to the leadership team.

Following the BearingPoint Software Selection methodology, results in…

  • High adoption of software
  • Alignment in the organization
  • Sustainable and auditable decisions
  • More value out of the software
  • Real insights in the fit of the software to the organization
  • Clear understanding of effort to integrate software
  • Trusted relationships with vendors
  • Lowered risks during implementation

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