The 2023 telecoms study by BearingPoint in the Netherlands emphasizes the importance of effectively communicating the benefits of 5G. The study reveals that many consumers are unaware of the 5G benefits and features. Operators need to address this issue by leveraging the study's findings to engage with potential customers and highlight the advantages of 5G.

Awareness and usage

According to a recent study with over 1,000 participants, there is a varied outlook on the quality and knowledge of 5G technology. The study highlights that a significant part of the Dutch population is currently unaware of 5G and that only a small portion uses 5G, indicating that more efforts are needed from operators to increase awareness in the Netherlands.                            

Satisfaction and willingness to pay

Dutch users are generally the most satisfied with fixed and mobile connections compared to other EU respondents. However, 30% of the respondents with 5G connectivity do not perceive a vast improvement in network performance compared to 4G. In addition to this, only three out of ten respondents are willing to pay more for premium network services, which indicates that operators should further highlight the consumer benefits of 5G.



Many respondents are conscious consumers interested in sustainable networks. However, only 13% would pay a premium for sustainable fixed or mobile networks. Communicating a compelling benefit, such as 5G that networks consume less energy than 4G, might affect consumer behaviour and increase 5G adoption. 


We believe operators must adapt their market positioning to respond to the customer perspective since only a minority of respondents understand the true value of 5G. Stay ahead of the curve and enhance digital offerings by gleaning these valuable insights from our 2023 study.

About the study

BearingPoint analyzed 10,850 customers in eight European countries to assess their adoption of 5G and satisfaction with 5G, how they perceive mobile versus fixed networks and how they will use them in the future, and their views on network sustainability. For a broader picture on connectivity on a European scale you can download the e-book.

Download the full study to find out more:

  • The Connectivity Challenge
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