How can firms and non-profits collaborate through corporate citizenship to create lasting social impact? Learn with Carolina Fahnehjelm and Matthias Meier.

In podcast episode 2, Carolina, Senior Consultant at BearingPoint, and Matthias, CEO of Aiducation International, discuss their collaboration and the importance of corporate citizenship. Aiducation International is a non-profit organization that focuses on providing education and opportunities to underprivileged youth. BearingPoint actively supports Aiducation International through pro bono projects and other initiatives.

Together, Carolina and Matthias shed light on the challenges faced by companies and non-profits when collaborating on pro bono projects. They also highlight the immense benefits of such partnerships, emphasizing the long-term nature of their collaboration and the importance of shared values and goals. This episode not only showcases the meaningful impact that corporate citizenship can have on society but also explores the potential for consulting expertise to support non-profit organizations in creating positive change.

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Show Notes

  • Carolina and Matthias introduce their roles at BearingPoint and Aiducation International, highlighting the importance of corporate citizenship and collaboration.
  • Aiducation's mission is to empower underprivileged youth through education, providing scholarships, mentoring, and career support.
  • BearingPoint actively engages in corporate citizenship through pro bono projects, with a focus on supporting Aiducation's initiatives.
  • Carolina shares specific examples of BearingPoint's pro bono projects, including data analytics for nonprofits, tool implementation support, and carbon footprint management, all aimed at improving the operations and impact of social organizations.
  • Matthias discusses the positive impact of BearingPoint's support, including the Start-Up Fund and mentoring program, on Aiducation and the communities they serve, with over 2,400 underprivileged youths benefiting from scholarships, career coaching, and entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • The collaboration between BearingPoint and Aiducation has resulted in projects such as the Startup Fund, which empowers entrepreneurship in Kenya and addresses the employment gap.
  • Challenges in collaboration between companies and non-profits are discussed, emphasizing the need for shared values, long-term commitment, and management buy-in.
  • The episode highlights the benefits of corporate citizenship, including enhancing reputation, employee engagement, and fulfilling social responsibility goals, while also making a positive impact on society.
  • Carolina Fahnehjelm

    Carolina is a Senior Consultant in the insurance team at BearingPoint Switzerland, actively involved in the Swiss CSR team and passionate about driving various pro bono projects, including collaborations with Aiducation. 

  • Matthias Meier

    Matthias is the CEO of Aiducation International, dedicated to engaging partners and implementing their circular for-impact model to empower underprivileged youth through education, scholarships, mentoring, and entrepreneurship opportunities.

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