How does the circular economy contribute to achieving sustainable business growth, and what challenges do companies face in harnessing its potential? Gain valuable insights from Emma Salminen and Janika Keinänen.​

In this episode, join us in an insightful conversation with Emma Salminen, Senior Business Consultant at BearingPoint, and Janika Keinänen, Senior Sustainability Project Manager at Valio Ltd. Janika shares the inspiring story of Valio, Finland's prominent dairy and food company, highlighting their current circular economy project focusing on the construction of the nation's largest biogas production plant.

This initiative involves converting manure into renewable liquefied biogas, offering a significant contribution to reducing carbon emissions in agriculture and transportation. Discover how Valio's endeavors exemplify the symbiotic relationship between the circular economy and sustainable business growth.​

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Show Notes

  • Emma Salminen and Janika Keinänen discuss the various dimensions of the circular economy, emphasizing its role in fostering sustainable business growth and its impact on resource optimization and waste reduction.​
  • A definition of the circular economy concept and examination of global trends and regulatory developments driving businesses to adopt circular economy practices is provided.​
  • The episode highlights Valio's pioneering circular economy project, showcasing their innovative approach to converting manure into renewable liquefied biogas, which significantly contributes to reducing carbon emissions in agriculture and transportation.​
  • Challenges faced by businesses in adopting circular economy strategies for sustainable growth are explored, including the need for scalable and adaptable business models, technological integration, and market acceptance.​
  • The speakers underline the significance of collaborative partnerships and stakeholder engagement in effectively implementing circular economy practices, stressing the importance of building a network of like-minded organizations for shared knowledge and resources.​
  • Examples of other industries that have seamlessly integrated circular economy principles into their business models are shared, highlighting how these initiatives have not only reduced environmental footprints but also enhanced overall business performance and competitiveness.
  • Emma Salminen

    Emma is a dedicated Senior Business Consultant at BearingPoint and brings a wealth of expertise in sustainability. She has joined BearingPoint Finland in March 2023 as part of the sustainability team acquisition from Korkia, a renowned sustainability consultancy in Finland. With a Ph.D. in from the Aalto University, she has a research background, including a dissertation focusing on consumer behavior in the context of the circular economy.

  • Janika Keinänen

    Janika serves as the accomplished Senior Project Manager at Valio Ltd spearheading the development of the biogas business. With prior experience as the Vice President at Korkia, her insights into sustainable development and business growth have been instrumental in shaping Valio's sustainability initiatives. Her prior role at Korkia and her background in Business and Economics from Aalto University signify her close connection with Emma, who shares a similar background, emphasizing their collective expertise in the field of sustainability.

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