Digitalization, increasing automation and the introduction of new business models have changed the industry in recent years, and companies must adapt to the new environment.

Process Transformation

Big data, analytics, cloud services and automation are becoming more and more important. This is leading to changes in the process landscape and is revealing new opportunities for improvements. Opportunities and challenges in the following areas are opening up:

  • Digital business models (digital services, mobility)
  • Digital value chain (R&D, marketing, manufacturing, after sales and service)

Digital supply chain

The change of processes through digitalization is clearer in the context of the value chain. New business models are enabled within the end-to-end process of the value chain. New approaches are combined and enable the number of customers to be increased while saving time and cost on the production side.

The digital supply chain is a part of the digital value chain. Digital supply chain means the partial replacement of the flow of physical goods with information flow. Using real-time information on inventories from different locations enables organizations to manage, monitor and respond to exceptions more quickly, flexibly and easily.

In addition to the external challenges in the form of increased customer expectations for customer experience and marketing, companies are also facing internal challenges. Within the supply chain are cost planning, emission planning, accounting, inventory management and production planning. In the context of digitalization, these tasks become more and more complex due to the use of large amounts of data.

How BearingPoint creates value in the digital transformation:

  • Improving flexibility in product development
  • Improving planning stability, simulations and maintenance planning
  • Providing big data technologies to contribute value from available supply chain data
  • Designing integrated processes along the digital supply chain

Supply chain cockpit - LOG360

A supply chain cockpit is one of the planning applications that is used to oversee the entire logistics chain. It covers the areas of production, demand, distribution and transport. Through the use of the BearingPoint’s LOG360, the challenges along the supply chain, with their high complexity and effort in handling, can be overcome more easily. Thus, great potential within the supply chain can open up. The focus here is on the visualization, analysis and optimization of the supply chain through digitalization and a more intuitive interface.

The gain in experience results in potential being developed and the supply chain being improved. It provides all the information needed to get a holistic and detailed picture of a logistical network. As a result, all relevant supply chain KPIs are available, inefficiencies are identified and a fast and transparent decision-making process is established. This approach allows identification of potential budget overruns much earlier and quick tracing of the root causes. The use of LOG360 results in advantages for the following areas:

  • Digital supply chain
  • Big data
  • Predictive analytics
  • Supply chain analytics
  • Accounting
  • Emission planning and accounting

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