During your time at university you get inspired countless of times and wonder what your first steps will be career wise. After obtaining my master’s degree in Supply Chain Management at the University of Groningen I decided to become a consultant for a small consultancy firm that specializes in the industry of health care. Here, I learned quickly that project-based working is a way to gain new knowledge fast and a possibility to extensively expand your network. Even though my background and main interests lie within the scope of operations, curiosity gained in possibilities with technology as well. I was triggered and after talking to my new potential colleagues and I was convinced to apply for a position within the BearingPoint team. After two years at my former consultancy job, I decided to transfer. BearingPoint is an organization where your analytical side gets challenged, where technology plays an important role in giving advice on operations level as well as strategic level and you get a taste of international successes.

During my first months I was engaged with a (senior) consultant and a manager working on a project that analyzed a specific department of around 1000 FTE. Our assignment was to make a structural and logical cluster of all their work-related activities and helping them to achieve a better organizational structure. After multiple workshops and interviews we found out what the department truly stands for and played an important role on advising in a strategic manner.

Besides working on different projects, I became a member of the Works Council and kept a close eye on things related to corporate social responsibility to make our office in Amsterdam an even better place. Additionally, I learn a lot about  best practices from different industries and I can still share my main interest concerning the healthcare with my colleagues in Amsterdam which I also share with my international colleagues from for instance Sweden.

Within BearingPoint, an entrepreneurial spirit is encouraged in combination with freedom to explore topics that inspire you and help make the company grow in diverse ways. Taking everything into account, BearingPoint was a very good second step in my career path.

Do you have any questions about working at BearingPoint? Or would you like to come see our office in Amsterdam and enjoy a good conversation and a cup of coffee with me or one of my colleagues? Feel free to contact me and send email towards the following address: luc.hoeben@bearingpoint.com

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Meet our Amsterdam Team

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