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  • "27-03-2012"

On Tuesday the 27th of March BearingPoint and ISM organised round table to explore the future of cross channel growth on retail. In a packed room … deliver inspiring presentations and discussion on the future.

Ruud Frambach: Innovate your business model to compete

To innovate in retail in the current cross channel business environment innovation an integrated business model innovation approach is required. This holistic approach brings innovations can deliver more efficient, more effective or more appealing business model, both in the way value is delivered as it is appropriated. Many successful retailer formulas in recent years are based on such innovative models, for example American Girl, CarMax, Traders Joe and Redbox.

Erik Campanini: Consumers behave paradoxically in the digital world

For digital strategies supporting retail innovation both the Empowerment VS Privacy and Physical VS Digital paradox are the core for the changes in the behaviours and customers psychology. However the current digital developments are bring Huge opportunities in the retail world. This all leading to new and partially unknown rules to the retail game.

Karel van de Woude and Roman Markovski:

Be omnipresent for instance in the new channel of QR based shopping. 
The ecommerce market has changed drastically over the last years, nowadays information should be simultaneously available on all channels, not only on the company’s own channels, but also in the complete digital eco-system. Companies should have a omnipresence on all channels.

A cross-channel retailer should to link online and offline together, so it will get a ultimate service experience and is able the capture the whole market. However channels often conflict, back office processes are difficult and consistency is not maintained. With mobile scans the integration of online and offline becomes much easier.

Jan Jacob Koomen

To navigate successful in the sea of digital and cross channel innovation retailers should select a clear strategy to deliver consumer value, for instance: make it easy, provide most fashion, reduce cost. The insight in the consumer segments that belong to such a strategy, give direction to needs and the relevance of cross channel activities.

.. the presentation resonated with many of the retailers present in the room:
  • Lucardi developed an App that is able to measure your ring size, so you can order jewellery online.
  • Key to support in the store for cross channel is to make sure that e-commerce is not just seen as a threat, This requires re-allocation of some of the benefits of e-commerce to stores.
  • Loyalty cards provide an excellent way to allocate sales to stores.
  • To differentiate at on and offline clients is important.
  • As a company you need to be a little schizophrenic, your online clients need to become off line clients as well and visa versa.