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  • "16-10-2012"

A sales force's prime responsibility is to be in the market talking to your (potential) customers, represent what your company stands for and positively influence the buying behavior of your customer base. There are many functions created to ensure that the sales rep does what he/she is intended to do. Sales directors, regional managers, product managers, campaign managers, segment managers and trainers all try to influence what the sales rep is doing.

So how can a company reach a balance between the need of control and providing a sales force with the freedom they crave?

During this webinar we have discussed:

  • How a company can support their sales force in making the right decisions
  • How a company can put focus on what delivers the best results
  • How new technology supports a sales force in their day-to-day jobs
  • How to prevent technology from impeding a sales force with controlling mechanisms

BearingPoint organised this Webinar together with KPI Library on October 9th 2012. This radio show was hosted by Klaasjan Doeswijk and Martin Hermsen. Special guest for this edition was Niels van der Putten, BearingPoint specialist in sales transformation and sales metrics.

Sales on the Move - KPI Library