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  • "10-10-2012"

Managers tend to use KPI’s as a means to control their operations and to point at bad performance only, for correction purposes. The higher in the organization, the more focus is put on the control aspects of KPI’s. This may work for a while, but the effects are often short term and may even cause counter-productive behavior. People are not challenged to be creative and to improve beyond their targets, but merely to work harder if that is possible at all. Practicing Operational Excellence, we need to involve and motivate our people to meet our targets and to perform on even higher levels.

How can managers stay in control and at the same time create an environment for continuous improvement using KPI’s as a tool?

During this webinar we have discussed:

  • How KPI’s are used in Operational Excellence to stimulate world-class performance and to   motivate people to improve
  • How KPI’s are used to influence the chosen strategic direction
  • How continuous attention is created for KPI’s
  • How KPI’s are set-up in a logical structure in order to drive improvements

BearingPoint organised this Webinar together with KPI Library on October 9th 2012. This radio show was hosted by Klaasjan Doeswijk and Martin Hermsen. Special guest for this edition was Hubrecht de Pree, BearingPoint specialist in Operational Excellence transformation and metrics.

Key success factors for KPI's in Operational Excellence