In 2021 the EU passed the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). It is a law that prescribes companies must publicly disclose their organization’s environmental and social impact. The CSRD will also provide a framework to do so with the goal of making the disclosed sustainability data comparable, relevant and reliable. Ultimately, by making companies to disclose sustainability data, stakeholders like investors, consumers and policy makers, can make better informed decisions, influencing these companies to move towards a more sustainable business.

What companies will be impacted by CSRD? If two of the three criteria below apply to your organization, CSRD will affect your organization:

  • More than 40 million EUR net turnover
  • More than 20 million EUR balance sheet total
  • More than 250 employees

Our timeline shows the steps the European Commission has already taken and is planning to take. We have also included an action plan that many of our clients follow to prepare for mandatory reporting in 2026.

Timeline Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive CSRD

We support our clients in making CSRD-reporting work for their organisations. Part of the CSRD reporting drives companies to report completely new KPIs that have not been measured before. That is why they have to design new and transform existing internal processes aimed at collecting, monitoring and clarifying sustainability data.

Our approach to CSRD reporting is built on our extensive sustainability and reporting experience and strengthened by our people, digital, data and technology capabilities. We support you in defining the right KPIs to report on and preparing your organization to be able to do so.

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