Knowledge Management (KM) has become increasingly vital for organizations, given the surge in data volumes, advancements in technologies such as AI, the proliferation of multinational offices, and remote work. Our proven methodology breaks down knowledge silos and catalyzes a culture of seamless collaboration to leverage your organization’s collective wisdom to drive informed decision-making.  

Our knowledge management framework and approach addresses internal challenges and inquiries that business leaders may encounter, such as: 

  • How can we empower employees to make more informed decisions using available information? 
  • How can we effectively capture and harness the knowledge of departing team members? 
  • What tools and technologies can facilitate access to shared information across our (global) offices?  
  • How do we reduce redundancies and duplicated efforts?  
  • What methods can be employed to transform tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge?  
  • How can knowledge management benefit from AI integration? 

How BearingPoint adds value  

At BearingPoint, we recognize that addressing these challenges begins with people and culture. Our expertise lies in helping you craft a people-first mindset to foster a culture of knowledge sharing which is the foundation for improved KM.  

Our team can help generate a comprehensive knowledge management strategy that focuses on cultural transformation, empowering your employees to become active contributors to your knowledge ecosystem. Additionally, we design strategies that streamline the creation, curation, and distribution of knowledge within your organization. Ultimately, we help you achieve a marketplace-like culture where information is easily accessible and readily shared, leading to opportunities for growth, collaboration, and long-term success. 

Knowledge management framework 

  • Design: We start by collaboratively crafting the vision, principles and drivers, with people-first to ensure optimal adoption. This involves harnessing existing capabilities to overcome potential future blind spots. 
  • Approach: We employ a structured, proven methodology designed to tackle specific and distinct challenges within your organization. Throughout this framework, we customize our approach to suit your unique organizational needs. 
  • Result: A more informed, agile, and efficient organization that harnesses its collective knowledge to achieve diverse business objectives while maintaining a competitive edge in the market. 

Our approach is built on digital and people-oriented solutions, which can consequently help your organization with: 

  • Stimulating cultural change and innovation  
  • Facilitating decision-making capabilities  
  • Increasing profitable operations  
  • Improving the employee journey

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