Welcome to BearingPoint's cutting-edge Strategic Technology Review Services. Our strategic reviews offer tailored recommendations to optimize your technology investments, enhance operational efficiencies, and propel innovation. At BearingPoint, we empower your business with transformative strategies to navigate the dynamic technological landscape successfully.

At a glance

  • A detailed review or snapshot of the operations of an IT function to identify and mitigate risk, assess maturity and scalability, and identify cost take-out / growth opportunities.
  • Our teams combine Technology and Industry expertise which enables us to cover all strategic aspects of technology. This includes (but is not limited to) governance, organization & people, applications and processes.
  • From a technology perspective, we have experience delivering strategy review services with focus on emerging technologies.

Our typical customer

  • CTOs or CIOs who need a snap shot of their business before setting direction
  • Executive teams who want to understand how ready their company is for new technology trends.
  • Industry executives who would like to understand how their organizations can get useful “quick wins”.
  • Executive teams who are contemplating a sale of their business.

A technology review can help to identify and mitigate risks to your organization, and craft a way forward to improve service to customers.

  • More than 85% of businesses we have reviewed in the past 3 years have medium to severe security related risk issues that required remediation immediately.
  • Technology reviews can help new executives get off to a flying start by giving them a comprehensive snapshot of what their business does, and how IT currently supports it.
  • In more than half of the cases in the last three years, significant future unbudgeted IT funding requirements at both the CapEx and OpEx levels were identified that had a material change on how executives saw future IT development.
  • Half of the time we find that IT lacks a strategic direction and the strategy they do have is not aligned with the business.
  • In more than half of our technology strategy projects we have found businesses with no or inadequate disaster recovery capabilities.
  • For lower middle market businesses, about a third of the cases showed key-man risks and significant skill deficits in the IT team.

BearingPoint’s Technology review goes beyond building executive-level confidence to providing validation and input to management’s strategic agenda

These two factors combined have earned BearingPoint an extensive track record of delivering technology reviews to key players in many different markets. Our approach and frameworks rely on several years of experience across different cases and thus our approach has been refined through the years. We bring efficient advisory services to the table and know where to focus the effort depending on the challenge and investment thesis in front of us.

Our Technology Review framework takes a holistic approach to identifying  tech risks and strengths within a company

Our Technology Review factors in the business strategy and is the foundation for identification of risks, cost reductions, potentials and growth opportunities.

                                                           Framework                                                                                        Review outcomes


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