I was born and raised in Lund where I studied nanotechnology at Lund School of Technology. I started my career as Researcher at Karolinska Institutet but transferred to management consulting after two years. I have been with BearingPoint since 2014 where I am a Manager in the Digital & Strategy team with focus on Public sector and HealthCare. I enjoy playing golf, tennis and socializing.

What made you choose BearingPoint as your employer?

BearingPoint has a true people culture with a flat hierarchy and strong focus on building relationships. The generalist management consulting model, working in a team-based setting in multiple industries, the hands-on projects, and the focus on change management made me chose consulting in general, and BearingPoint in particular.

What is your advice on how to be successful in consulting and at BearingPoint?

How to be successful as a consultant depends much on the type of consulting, but with BearingPoint it is all about taking the clients perspective, working closely and working hard with internal and external resources, in order to create actual change. Being a team player is essential.

What defines an inspiring work environment to you?

The combination of professionalism and excellence, with formal and informal fun. BearingPoint delivers plenty of both!

What characterizes the BearingPoint culture?

The combination of professionalism, fun and rewarding relationships, the open-minded and inclusive leadership - your opinion and perspective is always of interest, no matter your level. Also the business consulting – being close to client and fellow co-workers to solve real business problems. In short, making things happen, for real!

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