Join our webinar and learn more about the Dos and Don'ts of a Tech Due Diligence process

Wednesday April 28 from 08:30 - 9:15 CET

Technology Due Diligence is an often overlooked part of the vendor due diligence process, which when done poorly can easily wipe large sums off any sale price. At the same time, neglecting it in a buy-side process risks the success of the overall purchase in the form of technology debt, inability to scale, or a number of other issues that we have seen lurk under the hood of otherwise respectable firms.

BearingPoint Capital invites you to a series of short webinars based on our extensive experience in M&A advisory and Technology Due Diligence. The first session, The Dos and Don’ts of a Tech DD Process, takes place on April 28 at 08:30 – 09:00 CET with the option to stay on longer for Q&As.

Warm welcome!

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