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Many organizations are currently reviewing their emissions with a critical eye and implementing strategies for emissions reductions. The demand for more impactful actions is constantly increasing among different stakeholders from customers to investors, and regulatory bodies in many countries as well as internationally are setting ambitious climate goals. 

Companies are already putting a lot of effort into measuring the emissions from their own operations and electricity consumption based on the GHG Protocol’s Scope 1 and Scope 2 framework. However, not so many are familiar with the indirect emissions that occur in their value chain, e.g. logistics, purchased goods or raw materials and the disposal of the end product. In many cases Scope 3 can form up to 80% of a company’s total emissions, which is why it cannot be ignored when planning emissions reductions. Furthermore, initiatives like Science Based Targets request to assess the entire value including Scope 3 – similarly to the EU Green Deal concept. 

What do Scope 3 emissions consist of and how can we collect data about them? What kind of actions can companies take to reduce Scope 3 emissions? 

These questions will be addressed in the webinar. Join this free online event to learn how your organization could gain better insights into your Scope 3 emissions!  

For more information about the webinar or BearingPoint's Emissions Calculator, please contact Ole-Christian Elstad.

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