I joined BearingPoint in 2007 and have over 35 years' professional experience. I am currently holding the position of Chief Risk and Quality Officer at a firmwide level.

As a consultant, I have acquired a specific and unique track record in leading change in various sectors of the utilities industry. In particular, I support and guide organizations when planning to introduce digital technologies into their customer relationships and implementing smart distribution grids.

In this role, I assist several of the industry's groups with building their strategic visions and translating those visions into operational actions.

As such, I’ve been for 7 years the Group's Utilities Officer. I am extremely enthusiastic about my sector and I am a regular contributor to the team's blog: Blog Energy.

Apart from that responsibility, I’ve been involved in various Risk and Quality matters at regional level. In continuation, I’ve been appointed to my current position on January 1st 2024. With my team, we have the responsibility to protect our firm, partners and people from any risks external or internal, and to enhance the quality on all of our activities.

After graduating from the Ecole Centrale in Paris in 1987, I founded Argon Group (now Argon & Co) in 1994 after a six-year stint at Andersen Consulting. In 2007, I joined BearingPoint to take over responsibility for developing a key account, following which I was promoted to Partner and Utilities Leader for France in 2010.

In October 2015, I was appointed Global Utilities Leader.

From September 2017 to December 2022, I was Global Leader of Postal & Transportation and Utilities industries.

In January 2024, I took over the role as global Chief Risk and Quality Officer of our firm.


  • Chief Risk & Quality Officer, BearingPoint

    2023 – Present
    Paris, France
  • Appointed Global Leader of Transportation & Logistics, BearingPoint

    2017 – 2022
    Paris, France
  • Appointed Global Utilities Leader, BearingPoint

    2015 – 2017
    Paris, France
  • Partner, BearingPoint

    2010 – Present
    Paris, France
  • Joined BearingPoint

    Paris, France
  • Founder of the Argon Group (now Argon & Co)

    Paris, France

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