As Head of the GSA region and in my role as member of the Swiss Management team I am responsible for the cross-industry structuring and management of the consulting business across industries with respect to clients, employees and service offerings.

In Financial Services, I focus on the banking and capital markets business. Together with my team, I have been conducting strategic and operational transformation and integration projects in Europe, Asia-Pacific and the USA for over 15 years. My clients include local and global banks and financial services providers as well as stock exchange organizations that are actively involved in digital change, regulatory change and the optimization of their business operations.

As author of various BearingPoint studies and white papers I deal with agile enterprise transformation, a broad range of regulatory topics that require financial services providers to transform as well as with innovations in the Banking sector.

After starting my career at a German state bank and graduating with a Master in Economics, I ventured into the consulting business and have remained with BearingPoint to this day.

As (co-)author of various BearingPoint studies and white papers, I deal with agile enterprise transformation, the implementation of regulatory changes for financial services providers and with innovations in the banking sector.

It inspires me that every consulting project differs and that there are always new people and situations to deal with.

As I cherish to discover the unexpected, innovations, new approaches and unusual perspectives continually intrigue me. I like to share and reflect these with customers, colleagues, family and friends – either during work or as part of a merry evening. 

> (How) Will banks become the engine of the real economy again?

> (How) Will robots shape the working world in 30 years?

> (When) Will Asia overtake Europe geopolitically and economically?

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  • Regional Leader Germany, Switzerland, Austria

    2023 – Present
  • Regional Leader Germany

    2018 – 2022
  • Regional Leader SIA (Switzerland, Italy, Austria), BearingPoint

    2017 – 2022
  • Member of the Swiss Management Team, BearingPoint

    2015 – Present
  • Partner, BearingPoint

    2010 – Present
    Frankfurt, Zurich
  • Manager, BearingPoint

    2002 – 2010
    Frankfurt, London, Munich, Chicago
  • Consultant, KPMG

    1998 – 2002
    Frankfurt, Cologne, Luxembourg
  • Banker, WestLB

    1993 – 1997

Fortes fortuna adiuvat.

Simonides of Ceos